Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Creep, Creep, Creepers!

As I announced yesterday I picked up my Vintage Creepers by Norma Kamali from the costums Today!
And I really really like them! They look even better as they did on the picture, an are reeeealy comfortable.
First I thought they were to small, maybe they are, but tough I don't want to pull 'em off anymore!
I also think they will fit 100% perfectly after I've worn them for a while, lucky me!

Oh and they have the same shape as the shoe-dream I posted yesterday! 

Now I'm going to show the world those cuties ♥
I'm off for meeting up with a friend!

Vest - Monki; Shirt - H&M; Necklace - Fleamarket; Shoes - Norma Kamali Vintage

Platform Shoes

Tomorrow I'm going to the costum office to pick up the vintage platform shoes (aka creepers)
I recently ordered. I hope I don't have to pay so much extra!
I'll definitely take a picture of 'em when me & them returned home!
Oh jeez, I really fell in love with all kinds of platform shoes... sadly u almost cant buy any of those kind here... I really get the feeling were quite slow with catching up with the Trends here in Bremen, haha.

Well ,whatever, but have a look at those !

Platform Shoes by Stine Goya

I love them so much!

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

KIKO Cosmetics

Hey there !
Today I want to show you the Make-up I bought in Ibiza
Yes! I didn't bought any clothes at all there.
 (I have to admit we have a better assortment of clothes here in Bremen)
Well- but the make up is very cool and has a good quality . And it isn't expensive at all!
I bought myself a Foundation, a Councealer and a Lipstick (and I wish I had bought even more)

It's from the brand Kiko - because they had a really HUGE range at their store which isn't comparable to what we have for the same prices in our drugstores here, I researched it and found out: THERE ARE ALREADY KIKO STORES IN GERMANY!
In Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Essen... and even more!
How could I not know about this? Well, anyhow, I hope they will open a Store in Bremen as well soon!